All home owners worries if basement has any type of water leaks from outside or inside. Prior to any major investment in renovation, owners must ensure the structure is water proofed to protect the investment. Basement flooding can make your whole building structure weak and collapse eventually. Also wet basement is a health hazard as it encourages the growth of toxic mold.

There are three type of water proofing typically applied based on the criticality of the damage.

  1. Interior waterproofing cost less and is a short term solution. You can apply Sealant to stop immediate leaks.
  2. Injection of Epoxy or polyurethane could be poured in concrete foundations where there are signs of cracks
  3. However, exterior waterproofing is the best long term solution if signs of water is found very high. The foundation is waterproofed from the outside to prevent water getting into the walls and into the basement. Digging a trench around the building to properly waterproof a foundation is considered the best long-term solution.

Roof Repair


Investing in regular maintenance of your residential roofing system is a smart decision.

If the roof is leaking, it affects the whole of the place adversely. It can spoil the things lying underneath. There can be variety of leakages which can even prove disastrous for the products kept in the safety of the roof.
With regular care you will likely avoid major roof repairs that can cost you a lot of money.

Because there are different types of roofs, your maintenance needs and maintenance frequency will vary depending on the type of roof you have.

Some of the most common residential roofing types include sloped roofing with asphalt, cedar, steel shingles, and flat roofing with EPDM or tar and gravel.

Our certified contractors will give guarantee so that the new or repaired roof stay strong for lot many years and stay strong in all adverse weather conditions.