Full House Renovation

Our team of dedicated renovation experts can turn your dreams into reality with a complete head-to-toe revamp of your entire home. We can transform either an aged property into a modern and attractive home, or make it market ready if you are going to sell your property.

Here are the steps we typically follow for Full House renovation, basement renovation or renovation of any house unit of large size:

  1. Discuss a customer’s reasons and concerns about building or renovating his house.

  2. Renovators will suggests various design options what it will look like either with mock design on paper or on computer or show pictures of similar renovations done before.

  3. Work with GTA City authorities, Hydro, Gas and licensed engineers to get permits and approvals as per construction by-laws in case of major structural build or design change.

  4. Our licensed electrician, plumber and general contractors always abide by rules. Customers will informed of these rules and the cost and design impact of it will be worked out.

  5. After coming to consensus on the design how the home will look after build or change, our team will discuss with the customer on estimates and tentative schedule to complete the work.

  6. Our team of professionals can also help customer to arrange fund either from bank, or various lending institutions to get low interest line of credit and other viable options.

  7. Customers will be given various options for example either buy your own material, or certain materials, or allow our team to purchase all materials.

  8. Payment schedule will be worked out with customer if installments are required and pay the labor cost.

  9. Contract will be signed by customer and TransCanadian Builder with all scope of work, design details and itemized cost.

  10. Customers will be invited to inspect and give ideas during actual work in the renovation site. Our team will evaluate whether any change suggested could be accommodated without any cost or schedule impact, otherwise new estimates will be worked out for the new changes requested.

  11. For any major design or purchase decision change or delivery schedule change, customers will be notified immediately.

  12. Once the renovation is completed, full quality review will be done with the customer. In case of any defect, it will be fixed without any cost impact.

  13. Upon completion of a design agreement, final invoice will be signed with all scope of work done, design incorporated and actual cost. Warranties applicable will also be notified to customer at that point.

  14. TransCanadian Builders will ensure every job with you will end with a smile.

Basement Renovation

We have years of hands-on experience in creating customized basements for our customers. We use only high-quality materials and products to transform your basement into comfortable living space for your family and friends

Or create a finished basement that will increase the home’s value or if a rented unit is installed to get additional income.

  • Dry Wall | Interior Wall | Suspended Ceilings |
  • Bead board Panels | Stucco | Surface Mount Grid Systems