TransCanadian Builders have professional renovators who work with home owners to build or renovate their dream home with reasonable costs, with strong sustainable eye-catching design with good quality material. We will giveĀ  a facelift of your home and your living experience that we stand out in your community.

Here are the variety of services provided by our renovation experts :

  • Full House Renovations | Basement Renovation
  • Interior Decoration | Kitchen Remodeling
  • Washroom Remodeling | Plumbing | Basement leak repair
  • Demolition
  • Electrical | Heating, Air Conditioning
  • Painting | Flooring, Hardwood & Laminate
  • Patio & Deck | Wood Work
  • Water Proofing | Roof Repair
  • Exterior | Stucco | Gardening, Lawn Mowing